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It's Official! We've Entered the State of Indiana!

We are super excited to announce our expansion into the beautiful state of Indiana!

Operating a startup is an exhilarating journey filled with milestones, and at Crestline Capital, we're hitting them left and right! From closing our first rehab sale in Lincolnton, NC to making waves in Indiana, we're on a roll! We've been diving into multiple markets, learning the ins and outs, and loving every minute of it!

This week, we dove headfirst into two online auctions in IN and emerged victorious with close to 50 properties! That's right, 50 properties ready to be transformed into vibrant, tax-generating parcels for the community and affordable housing for those in need. We're passionate about giving EVERYONE a fair shot at property ownership!

Our focus is initially on South Bend, IN, where we see immense potential for affordable housing, especially for the hardworking individuals at Notre Dame facing housing challenges. But South Bend is just the beginning! We're gearing up to expand into other areas across Indiana, and we can't wait to keep you all updated on our progress every step of the way!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Crestline Capital continues to make waves in Indiana and beyond!

Ready to start your homeownership journey with us? Text or call us at 501-747-6100 for more details.

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